Silkmore Primary Academy

Enriched Experiences

Providing enriched experiences for all of the children at Silkmore Primary Academy is at the heart of our curriculum. From the age of 2 until a child leaves at 11, our children are provided with a multitude of enriched opportunities as part of their daily diet.

As enrichment is so important to us at Silkmore Primary Academy, we provide a number of after school clubs each night for an minimal charge for all to attend. These clubs include Science Club, Reading Club, Silkmore Rocks Club, Art Club, Coding Club and plenty of Sports and Musical clubs, to name few.


 A child leaves Silkmore Primary Academy with a wide range of enriched opportunities.

Some of these include:

- Watching a show in London

- Paddling in the sea

- Climbing a mountain

- Singing around a campfire

- Skiing and playing in the snow

- The opportunity to visit a foreign country.

Alongside the passport to enriched experiences, we ensure that our children attend a variety of trips. These trips range from visiting Chester Zoo, Residentials to Laches Wood Standon Bowers and France, Blue Planet Aquarium and Jodrell Bank, to name but a few.

We ensure that children leave Silkmore as successful, thriving British Citizens. The British Values are embedded into the curriculum and cultural appreciation and diversity is celebrated across the school. Differing faith representatives visit the school and cultural celebrations are organised across the school calendar year.




Please see below the variety of events that have happened or are happening at Silkmore!

  • Weekly extra curricular activities, free of charge, celebrating music, arts, sports and curriculum 
  • Japanese Author visiting KS2 - celebrating Japanese culture 
  • Halloween Disco 
  • Chester Zoo whole school trip – celebrating family spirit
  • Harvest celebration whole school
  • Dance for Diwali - whole school to learn dance of Rama and Sita & performance for families
  • Banger Night – Firework Display for local community
  • Opening Ceremony for school - Building Renovation
  • Chinese New Year – Nursery to lead and perform Dragon Dance
  • Friendship Disco - raising money for British Heart Society
  • Whole school visit Sikh Temple
  • Buddhist Monk to visit school 
  • World Book Day 
  • Colour Run for Holi 
  • Work with Maple Court Residential home – supporting Dementia 
  • Easter service whole school visit Church
  • African Drumming whole school workshop 
  • Race for Life Fun run - Raising money for Cancer research
  • Eid Celebration 
  • Greatest Showman - Whole school mini adventure celebrating British Values
  • Father’s Day, Mother’s Day & Family Day events
  • Silkmore Has Talent 
  • Nutcracker - Whole school mini adventure

Please note that the above does not capture the full offer for the children. Do call the school to find out more.

Please do visit our local Facebook Page or Twitter Page for more coverage on these events.