Silkmore Primary Academy


Music vision


Music embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity. Our  high-quality music education engages, inspires, and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of music. Pupils should be able to think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of music.


  • Curriculum sequenced from Y1 to Y6 to build on prior learning and exploring a range of genres, artists, and themes.
  • Vocabulary sequenced, modelled, and applied throughout the lessons.
  • All children can access our music curriculum.
  • Step by step lessons enabling children to build on skills using the Original Charanga scheme.
  • Lesson structured as following: Listen and appraise, warm-up games, flexible games, singing, playing instruments, improvisation, composition and performing.
  • Purposeful, hands-on, and engaging learning opportunities.
  • Objectives across all strands revisited and embedded within and across year groups and key stages to ensure cumulative fluency.
  • Access to an instrument during the music curriculum.

Please click here to see our Music Roadmap