Silkmore Primary Academy

SEND & Accessibility

SEND Special Educational Needs and Disability

Mrs Heather Addison, SENd Co-ordinator 


Mrs Sally Exton, Emotion & Wellbeing Leader 


Emotional Wellbeing 

At Silkmore, we pride ourselves on catering for the needs of all children; particularly by adopting a holistic approach and prioritising the childrens' emotional well being at the heart of all we do. Despite our best efforts some children may experience difficulty coping within a busy classroom environment.

This can show itself in a number of different ways:

  • They may be feeling unhappy
  • They may be feeling lonely
  • They may find the day too long
  • They may find lessons difficult
  • They may be unable to concentrate
  • They may be feeling confused
  • They may be feeling angry
  • They may find it all just too overwhelming

The Sea Room provides additional help and support for these children. The sessions will run for individuals and/or small groups of children and will promote self-esteem, confidence and develop social and emotional skills; whilst nurturing a motivated and positive approach to learning. It is an extension of the classroom’s good practice with the aim of reintegrating a happier, more confident learner back into the full time classroom environment.

What will the children learn in the Sea Room?

  • Activities to develop personal and social skills.
  • Activities that promote feelings of well-being and self-esteem.
  • Activities that develop a sense of individual responsibility and accountability to others.
  • Activities that reflect those taking part in the classroom situation.
  • During some sessions there may be an opportunity for the children and staff to sit round a table as a group and share a drink and snack at the same time as practicing social, language and listening skills.
  • Within the session the children may have jobs on a rota basis promoting independence and self-esteem.

How often will my child attend the Sea Room?

  • Children attend between one and three sessions a week.
  • Each child’s needs are monitored and assessed on a regular basis.
  • The sessions will run throughout the day depending on individual class timetables.
  • Children will attend for as long as is required.
  • Every family has a vital role to play in their child’s education and happiness, we welcome and appreciate your involvement and comments – so please let us know your “news and views”! (Especially if there are changes at home).

For our SENd policies please visit our policies page