Silkmore Primary Academy

School Ethos and Values

'Aim high, achieve together'

At Silkmore Primary Academy it is our aim that all children achieve the following before they move on to the next stage in their educational journey.

 All children will:

  • be competent and confident in their self
  • act with integrity and spirit
  • be ready to take responsibility; to support and nurture others
  • be fascinated by the natural world
  • recognise human achievements and failings
  • enjoy the creative, sporting, cultural and innovative
  • appreciate cultures, sensitivities and orientations
  • be qualified to take on the next stage of their learning
  • be fuelled with a desire to learn​

At Silkmore Primary Academy, we aim:

- to be a thriving school community that provides first class learning and enrichment opportunities for all - to nurture confident, happy and independent children who aim high to attain personal and academic goals and who are equipped with lifelong skills for successful futures.

The vision for our children:

- to be a provider of first class learning and enrichment opportunities for all children.

- Silkmore to be the first choice for parents within local and wider community.

- to be a primary school that keeps children safe and happy and gives them everlasting memories.

- to offer excellence in all subjects and areas including creative arts/sports (enriching curriculum) and that equips children with lifelong skills.

- ensure children are knowledgeable and have the skills to face / overcome challenges with confidence and to thrive.

- to be an exceptional primary school that prepares children for all vocations.