11 Before 11

11B411 is 11 promises we are making to the children to have fulfilled by the time they reach the age of 11 (when they leave Silkmore Primary Academy). 


The promises are to offer our children a wide range of enriching and inspirational experiences.

Each year group will achieve one or more promises each year.


The 11 promises are as follows: 

  1. Hiking heroes

  2. Shake it up Shakespeare 

  3. Ride a large animal 

  4. Messing about in the river

  5. Performing a flash mob 

  6. Sleeping under the stars 

  7. Creating a large sculpture 

  8. Crossing a border 

  9. Ten good deeds

  10. Make and break a Reach2 record

  11. Grow and cook a meal

KS1 completed their ’Ride a Large Animal’ promise during their trip to Blackpool.  








Year 4 have completed their promises:

messing about in the river and

creating a large sculpture.

Have a look in our front entrance

hall to see the large sculpture Year 4

created during their ‘Plastic Pollution’

mini mission.









Year 5 completed their good deed.

They have been to Maple Court to

spend time with the elderly residents there.

They played them some music, told them

jokes and spent time talking to and

creating pieces of art with the residents.












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