Nursery and Pre-School

Welcome to our fun filled and fantastic Early Years department at Silkmore Primary Academy. 

Meet the team 





At Silkmore our passionate and inspiring team provide an exceptionally high quality, engaging and highly stimulating learning environment; specifically designed for your children and their fascinations.



During a typical day in Early Years, your child will, paint, dig, plant, create, explore and learn actively through our wide and rich curriculum. The whole school ethos to ‘AIM HIGH’ permeates through the Early Years as we encourage all children to become independent, lifelong learners. You will see the characteristics of effective learning; thinking critically, making connections and solving problems, interwoven into the provision.

Our Early Years results evidence that our children make rapid and sustained progress through our concentric curriculum. Our curriculum enables every child to achieve exceptional, holistic outcomes through its ‘mini adventure’ approach. Fully emerging every child in their learning and widening and deepening their development through fascination, awe and wonder is at the heart of this curriculum.


Our Nursery is a hive of activity where children are given the very best opportunities via our enriched curriculum. Outings to the local area, forest school adventures and gardening within our extensive allotments is part of the daily diet for these children. Children starting with us at 2 years of age are nurtured in a caring and exciting environment. Children progress rapidly towards their next steps through 1:1 and large group activities specifically designed to challenge and stretch their thinking whilst underpinning their personal, social and emotional development.

 “We chose Silkmore  for our child as we had heard great things from our friends and family. After he’d been there only a short time we could see how he’s ‘Come on’ The staff have always been there for us as a family offering advice and support”.

Throughout Early Years, our learning is supported by a highly engaging and well organised outdoor environment. These environments are surrounded by extensive playing fields, allotments and Forest school. To maximise our use of these areas we have trained forest school practitioners who regularly take groups into the woodland area all year round.  We aim to nurture a deep understanding and respect for natural places along with developing the children’s confidence and self- esteem through hands on learning.


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       Mrs Lewis                      Mrs Howell           Mrs Roberts-Parton            Mrs Gurung 

       Miss Stansbie           Mrs Stephenson              Mrs Walton                  Miss Griffiths 

“From the first week that my child started Silkmore, he has blossomed. The staff have guided, encouraged and nurtured him both academically and socially. My son is a testament to the staff and I couldn’t have wished for better people to help develop him into the child he is now.”