Our Maths Curriculum Explained


At Silkmore Primary Academy, we aim to produce confident mathematicians who can apply their knowledge and understanding of mathematics to a variety of context.

The intent of the mathematics curriculum is to ensure that children are provided with the clear foundations and building blocks to allow them to make the most progress ready for the next stage in their education and life in the wider world. We complete pre assessments for each block of learning (unit of work) to ensure that children have the correct starting points so that all children make at least expected progress regardless of their starting points. We provide children with a high quality, challenging and engaging curriculum that is enjoyable for all. We work hard to ensure we develop independent mathematicians. 



Our implementation is developed through secure understanding of the curriculum. We ensure that children are provided with a clear and coherent sequence of learning that builds upon prior learning. We primarily use the WhiteRose sequences but have adapted these to suit the needs of our school and in light of remote learning and COVID-19. We aim to make maths lessons contextual and link to real life to give our lessons a purpose and so that children can see the clear links between their lessons and where maths fits within the wider world.

Children are taught using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach (CPA) to ensure depth of understanding is built. Children are then encouraged to choose the learning style that best suits them. Scaffolds are provided to children to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential. Teachers provide children with real time feedback and live marking as we believe that this has greater impact on the progress that children make. In order to implement the intent of our curriculum we strive to ensure that all maths sessions are engaging and enjoyable for children.


Leaders regularly monitor mathematics across the school (EYFS-Year 6). This is triangulated with book monitoring, learning walks and pupil voice to ensure the best outcomes for the children here at Silkmore Primary Academy. Regular pupil progress meetings are held to discuss internal data and next steps for children in each year group. Alongside half termly teacher assessments, we use NTS assessments termly to support our judgements.



Children show that they have truly mastered the mathematics curriculum by showing and using skills in a range of ways and contexts independently. As children journey through Silkmore Primary Academy, they continuously build upon their prior learning to ensure that we help them to meet their full potential and provide them with the foundations for later life.

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