Class Teacher – Miss J. Greene

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs C. Metcalfe-Chase

SEN Support Assistant - Miss G. Walker

What have our children being learning in Reception across the Spring Term?


Spring 1 Learning

Reception have had a super start to the Spring term. We have been researching modern day Superheroes and discovered how we can all do our bit to be super too!

We began by learning about the people who help us every day, from the emergency services to teachers and dinner ladies. We then moved on to wider and more global topics, such as, wildlife and our environment. We then contributed to help save the planet by recycling and reusing our rubbish and saved the birds by creating feeders and hiding them in the forest school.

During this adventure we also learned lots of 'super power' words to help with our writing. It is wonderful to see a real love of writing being fostered by all of the children. Finally, we became super heroes ourselves by rescuing all the super sounds hidden around our room and consolidating all of the learning that has taken place over the half term.


Our second Mini Adventure saw us dive to the bottom of the deep blue sea, where we discovered the habitats in which other creatures live and the differences between our world and theirs.

We focused on rhyme as we read our key texts. For example, 'Commotion In The Ocean' and 'The Snail and The Whale'.  This adventure all came together with the children creating brilliant stories with a beginning, middle and end and having to write sentences in meaningful contexts.

Children were also provided with plenty of role play opportunities in the deep sea den lit by torchlight.

We finally completed this adventure with a day at the Blue Planet Aquarium where we came face to face with real sharks and jiggling jellyfish! The children and parents really had a wonderful day out and learnt a huge amount about life under the sea.


Spring 2 Learning

This term began with a mini adventure based around the calm and relaxing religion of Buddhism. Children returned to school to be greeted by their Temple classroom and we used our bodies in new ways by following several ideas and instructions to practice yoga and the art of meditation.

We used technology and books to find out facts and read stories surrounding The Buddha and the underlying believes and values that Buddhist’s hold.


We held a very special assembly and invited two Buddhist monks to come and reinforce our learning and also to enforce an appreciation for other cultures and faiths. The assembly ended by all children learning how to chant.



Children learned that Buddha was a very wise teacher and how he had practiced kindness and respect for everything that lived on the earth. We then linked this learning to our British Values and our Aim High ethos.

We created our very own tree of kindness and wrote kindness cards to each other - inviting children from all throughout the school to do the same.


This mini adventure ended with a trip to our local temple where we learned all about a completely new religion - Sikhism.



Our final week of term saw Reception recap the skill of halving and doubling numbers and applying this to distance in order to solve problems.

Using the ‘Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’, children timed the basket’s journey across the stormy seas before it suddenly stopped half way and was eaten by pesky seagulls!

Children solved a number of problems, using time in practical ways. Finally, they finished their learning by making Iced Sea Biscuits for tea.

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