Class Teacher – Mrs E Fox

Learning Support Assistant - Miss J Greene

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs C Metcalfe-Chase

What have our children being learning in Reception across the Summer Term?

Summer 1 Learning

Once upon a time in a magical castle far away, Reception class walked into their class to find the magical castle complete - with a giant and a beanstalk growing  rapidly day by day.


Children became engrossed in their maths by doubling the height of the growing beanstalk. They found the chicken which laid the golden eggs and made observations of them as the changed over time and created gingerbread men who helped us to complete and change simple sums.


Children learned to develop their own narratives using a wide range of stories; understanding how stories are created, the characters, plots and twists in tales. This was supported by a visit to Wonderland to bring all of our characters to life.



















































We went on to learn the story of the Ugly Duckling and used this a tool to promote diversity and mutual respect and tolerance. This was supported by visits to see George the duckling as he grew bigger and much scruffier.


By the end of the mini adventure, children began to create and write stories of their very own using many tricky words and showing us their fantastic imagination.

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