Year 2

Class Teacher – Mrs B Hadley

Learning Support Assistant – Miss T Brindle

What have our children been learning in Year 2 across the Spring Term?

Spring 1 Learning

The Spring term began with Year Two becoming scientists once more.  We received a letter from Durham University asking for our help to write leaflets all about the importance of being physically active.  This was a real challenge as we needed to explore why it is so important to be active and investigate what happens to our body when we are active.  We thought of lots of different types of activities and discussed whether these are physical or sedentary activities.  Using stop watches to time ourselves, we completed a range of physical activities and observed the changes to our body.  We recorded our data in a range of ways and kept a diary of all of the physical activities we completed during our two week science adventure.  Our final leaflets contained complex sentences using the conjunctions ‘if’ and ‘so that’ to explain the importance of being active.  Durham university were very pleased with our leaflets and sent us a special video thank you message.


To complete the half term, we became geographers.  A mouse called Marvin appeared in our classroom looking for a home!  He didn’t know whether to live in the countryside or the city so we decided to help persuade him.  Realising that we didn’t know very much about either of these locations, we set about researching.  We used Google Earth on the IPads to see aerial photographs of these two locations.  We couldn’t believe the differences!  We explored the physical and human features of these two locations and used the photographs to compare.  Knowing that we needed to write a letter to Marvin to persuade him, we set about exploring the key features of a persuasive text.  We learnt about emotive language and investigated the spelling rules for adding suffixes to words (est, er, ful, less).  Mrs Hadley also reminded us to begin our sentences in different ways and ensure we used simple, compound and complex sentences.  Our finished letters persuaded Marvin to live in the countryside and this is where he is happily living together.

Spring 2 Learning

Throughout the second half of the Spring Term, Year Two have been exploring different religions, faiths and beliefs.   We walked into our classroom to find a mosque around our reading area.  After researching different buildings, we discovered that a mosque is an important place of worship for Muslims.  This led us to engage in some thoughtful discussions regarding different religions.  We talked about showing respect to everyone, including those who have different beliefs to our own.  We asked lots of questions and really reflected on the importance of being inquisitive learners and exploring faiths that we did not know much about.





We used this mini adventure as an opportunity to write a story about two children visiting a mosque.  We learnt how to write complex sentences using ‘as’ and ‘when’ and wrote similes to help to create vivid imagery for the reader.  We used speech bubbles within our story and role-played what the characters would be saying.

Measure and geometry have been our focus in maths during this term.  We have learnt how to count out amounts of money and add amounts together up to and beyond £1.  Our shape work has focussed on 2d shapes.  Visiting the Sikh temple was a perfect opportunity to explore shapes in real life.  We will continue with this learning during the next half term and will also be exploring 3d shapes.

Learning Together


Reading and Spelling 

Year 2 will take part in reading and spelling for 20 minutes each day. They will be issued with individualised spelling books to practise their spellings at home. We appreciate all the support you will give them to help practise at home in preparation for their tests. Reading books and reading diaries are needed in school every day so there is every opportunity to develop your children's reading skills.



Year 2  have PE lessons every Wednesday and Thursday.  Sessions may be completed outside so tracksuits and trainers are advised. Earrings must not be worn for PE.  



Music is delivered to Year 2 by 'Rock It' Music. We are currently developing our music skills using steel pans, keyboards and ukuleles. 

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