Year 3

Class Teacher – Miss L Dimmock

Learning Support Assistant – Miss B Kinersley

What have our children been learning in Year 3 across the Autumn Term?

Spring 1 Learning

At the start of the Spring Term, Year 3 were faced with a dilemma. Doctor Roe had a huge issue with his patients at his GP surgery - lots of them we not clear what it meant to have a healthy diet. We accepted the challenge and decided to create an explanation text to help Dr Roe and his patients. To do this, we looked closely at the different food groups and the effects too much or too little would have on our bodies. We then used conjunctions and adverbials to compare these effects in our writing.


To finish the half term, we became geographers. Lots of fruits and vegetables arrived in our classroom. We tried hard to discover where they had come from and why they were grown here. After realising that we didn’t really know much about where our food came from, we decided to explore this further with a focus on bananas. We explored which counties they could be grown in and the human and physical features involved in growing bananas. Once we had explored all of this, we wrote a recount of the journey of a banana from plantation to supermarket and used a range of adverbials to show movement of time and order. Upon learning about where produce is grown, we looked at when it was grown and how we could reduce our carbon footprints by eating seasonally. We then helped Kim in the kitchen to create tasty seasonal salads for each season. Fantastic learning Year 3, well done!


Spring 2 Learning

To complete this term, we have looked closely at the religion of Sikhism. We explored their religious symbols and why these were so special to them. We discovered that the 5K’s were special to people of the Sikh faith for a range of different reasons. We were very interested in exploring this further and had the chance to visit a Sikh temple to ask any questions that our learning led to. We also looked closely at Sikh stories and through this we investigated how to use inverted commas to show speech. Finally, to end our mini-adventure, we converted a Sikh story into a play script. To achieve this, we explored and investigated current play scripts to unpick the key features and understand how we could use these effectively.


In the final week of term, we became scientists and investigated light in science. We had a message from Miss Dimmock’s Mum and Dad, asking ‘if they would need to invest in some sunglasses for their upcoming holiday’. We quickly set about answering their question and began by exploring the different light sources. We discovered that there are lots of different light sources. Then, we zoomed in on UV light and how these can be dangerous if we do not protect ourselves correctly. Through this exploration, we decided that Miss Dimmock’s parents would definitely need to buy sunglasses for their upcoming holiday and created an explanation to explain why they were so important. In this, we used lots of adverbials and conjunctions to explain in order to engage the reader.

Learning Together


Reading and Spelling 

Year 3 will take part in reading and spelling for 20 minutes each day. They will be issued individualised spelling books to practise their spellings at home. We appreciate all the support you will give them to help practise at home in preparation for their tests. Reading books are needed in school every day so there is every opportunity to develop your children's reading skills.



Year 3 go swimming every Monday morning so please ensure they have the correct kit in school for this. Their PE lessons are on Tuesday morning. Sessions may be completed outside so tracksuits and trainers are advised. Earrings must not be worn for swimming or PE.  


Music is delivered to Year 3 by 'Rock It' Music. We are currently developing our music skills using steel pans, keyboards and ukuleles. 

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