Year 3

Class Teacher – Miss L Dimmock

Learning Support Assistant – Miss B Kinersley

What have our children been learning in Year 3 across the Summer Term?

Summer 1 Learning


In Year Three this half term we became historians. We ventured back in time, using our understanding of chronology and travelled back to 700AD to explore the Viking era. In order to explore this, we learnt what it meant to be a great historian.


We concluded that this meant that we would need to generate questions in order to complete research and discover more. We soon found out that we needed to use a range of sources to answer one question to improve our reliability.













To finish the half term, we became scientist! We explored plants; what they have, what they need and how they reproduce. We learnt about this in a very practical, fun way. Alongside this, we wrote a fantastic story about a giant fruit and its travels. To engage our readers we ensured to use adventurous vocabulary, a range of sentences starters and effective verbs.




At the end of the term strange items were appearing around our school and we look forwards to coming back next term to investigate further. 


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