Year 4

Class Teacher – Miss H Murcott

Learning Support Assistant – Mr N Addison

What have our children been learning in Year 4 across the Spring Term?

Spring 1 Learning


Year 4 had an exciting start to the Spring Term as they received a letter from Prince Harry! He was concerned about the level of security at Kensington Palace and asked us to use our Scientific skills to create a more secure system to protect Meghan's engagement ring. Therefore, we observed and investigated electricity to create a circuit where an alarm would sound if an intruder broke the circuit around the ring.


We sent him a letter explaining how the system worked. We used adverbials and subordinate clauses (because, if, when) to write complex sentences explaining how it works. We are awaiting a reply from Prince Harry as to how effective the system is.


Following on from this scientific learning, we received an angry email from Miss Mills declaring the water bill was far too high and that she was refusing to pay it. She stated that water is a natural resource just like air, so why should we pay for it? We investigated the water cycle and found that water is a natural resource so we wrote to Severn Trent explaining this, to which they replied that we don't pay for the water itself but for the pipes and the purification of the water. They tasked Year 4 with persuading people to reduce the amount of pollution in the water; which in turn will then reduce the cost of the purification of the water.






Spring 2 Learning

Year 4 were very excited to walk through the doors of our classroom synagogue to start their 'Journey through Judaism' adventure. Throughout this adventure, the children learnt about different faiths and religions and asked really insightful questions to understand what they individually believe. We have developed our knowledge of Mutual Respect and Tolerance through this learning and understand that every person is entitled to an opinion and celebrate this.  





We used this adventure to develop our writing skills by writing a story about Mr Benn visiting a Synagogue and meeting a Rabbi. We focussed our learning on writing the conversation that took place between the two characters. We had to investigate how to use inverted commas, where punctuation sits when using inverted commas and then we had to remember that every time a different character spoke, you need to write this on a new line. Whilst writing our story, we chose to use contracted words that have had letters omitted and replaced with an apostrophe. We became surgeons to dissect and piece the words back together.

















We ended our Spring half term with a residential trip to Shugborough Outdoor Education Centre. Whilst here, we learnt to be more independent (by making our own beds!), we learnt communication is the key to great team work and we learnt that trust is a great thing to have (especially on the blindfold trail). We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Please see our Facebook or Twitter pages for more photos of our Shugborough adventure. 

Learning Together

Reading and Spelling 

Year 4 will take part in reading and spelling for 20 minutes each day. They will be issued individualised spelling books to practise their spellings at home. We appreciate all the support you will give them to help practise at home in preparation for their tests. Reading books are needed in school every day so there is every opportunity to develop your children's reading skills.



Year 4 go swimming every Monday morning so please ensure they have the correct kit in school for this. Their PE lessons are on Tuesday morning. Sessions may be completed outside so tracksuits and trainers are advised. Earrings must not be worn for swimming or PE.  


Music is delivered to Year 4 by 'Rock It' Music. We are currently developing our music skills using steel pans, keyboards and ukuleles. 

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