Meet The Staff

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Joanna Connelly


Deputy DSL

Mrs Rachael Trickett-Fryer

Deputy Headteacher 

Deputy DSL 

Mrs Heather Addison


KS2 Lead/DSL

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Laura Dimmock

KS1 Lead/Maths Lead 

Year 2 Teacher 

Middle Leadership

Miss Becky Pendlebury 

School Business Manager

Miss Emma Fox


Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Claire Lewis


Nursery Manager with Leadership 

Teaching Team

Miss Fran Short

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Megan Saville

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Katie Knight 

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Becky Powell


Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Angie Dawson




Support Staff - Teaching

Miss Natasha Robinson

Reception LSA

Miss Claire Marshall

Reception LSA

Miss Jo Greene

Year 1 LSA (maternity leave) 

Miss Bethan Kinnersley

Year 1 LSA

Miss Megan Roberts

Year 1 LSA

Mrs Amy Hackett

Year 2 LSA

Miss Tammy Brindle

Year 3 LSA

Wraparound Care Lead  

Mrs Lynsey Whittingham

Year 4 LSA

Mrs Sarah Mcenill

Year 5 LSA

Mrs Charlotte 


Year 6 LSA

Mrs Sally Exton 

Emotional Wellbeing Leader

Miss Sophie Stansbie


Nursery Practitioner/

Room Leader

Mrs Samantha Beeston

Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Lisa Roberts-Parton

Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Tracy Stephenson

Nursery Practitioner/

Room Leader

Mrs Linda Holwell

Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Beatriz Arrieta 

SEN Support Assistant 

Mrs Jessica James 


SEN Support Assistant


Miss Nicole Tsiappourdhi


SEN Support Assistant 




Miss Jennie Downes




Support Staff - Non Teaching

Miss Becky Cross


Family Links Co-ordinator 

Mrs Kim Gilbert

School Cook

Miss Victoria Mills

Office Manager (currently on secondment)

Mrs Rose Pritchard

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Lynne Wilson

Admin Assistant

Mrs Gemma Halsted

Admin Assistant

Mr Steve Burrows


Contact Us

Silkmore Primary Academy
Exeter Street
ST17 4EG


Phone: 01785 333930


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