Nursery Manager Teacher – Mrs C Lewis

Senior Nursery Practitioner - Mrs L Holwell 

Nursery Practitioner - Mrs Lisa Roberts

What have our children being learning in Pre-School across the Spring Term?

Spring 1 Learning

Wow what an exciting term we have had in pre-school. It all started with the three bears and Goldilocks coming to visit our classroom - it was really our teachers dressed up! They retold us the story about how Goldilocks came to the house of the bears and what happened when she went in.

We then used our understanding of the story to act it our ourselves with our peers using different prop’s. We all liked being Goldilocks and eating the porridge. We even had a go at making our own porridge. It was delicious! We then used our understanding of the story to create our own pictures and emergent writing as well as sequencing the story all by ourselves, from beginning to end.

From this, we did lots of work on size learning all about things that were big, middle sized and little just like the three bears. We used our size knowledge to put the bears in order from the biggest to the smallest. We also looked at how to make patterns using different media. Some of us made a pattern using two different criteria’s and some of us used three. We made big and little patterns, coloured patterns and even shape patterns. Mrs Lewis was very impressed with how well we were able to do this.

We finished the term by celebrating Chinese New Year and learning all about this different religious celebration. We used the story Mrs May and the children make a dragon to help us understand what it was all about but we changed title to make our own story called, Mrs Holwell and the children make a dragon! Together with Mrs Holwell we all helped to make a dragon for Chinese New Year and when it was finished we took it around the school to show every class our wonderful creation. Miss Mills was very surprised to see a dragon walking along the corridor!!

Spring 2 Learning

Wow, what an incredibly busy and exciting term we have had - all linked to new life. We started off by putting our hen eggs in the incubator, hoping for some baby chicks to arrive in 21 days just in time for Easter. We used our maths skills to count backwards every day so we knew how long we had to wait. On day 21 Charlie chick arrived closely followed by Paddington. The children have been so very kind showing excellent care and concern for our new arrivals. Well done everyone.

But this was only the start...World book day arrived and we all dressed up as our favourite book character, having the biggest bedtime story we have ever had under Mrs Holwell’s blanket. Following this, the children invited their Mothers in to celebrate Mother’s Day. They all enjoyed their tea and cake and the children sang a new song that they had learnt. They also shared their adventure books with them and presented them with their Mother’s Day gifts they had made. There were tears but they were happy tears and tears of joy.


Amongst all the celebrations, the children have read the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We looked at how we could change the story and make the Giant and Jack become friends.  We spent time ordering beanstalks from the shortest to the tallest learning all about the mathematical language. We even made our very own Jack by drawing around Harley and our very own Giant by drawing around Steve!

The term ended with an Easter Extravaganza of new life and Easter creations everywhere. Charlie and Paddington were growing fast and very settled here at Silkmore. We had some fantastic Easter hats made by our wonderful children and families for our Easter Bonnet parade and even a visit from the travelling farm with more new life to see.

Happy Easter everyone! 

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