Nursery Manager Teacher – Mrs C Lewis

Senior Nursery Practitioner - Mrs L Holwell 

Nursery Practitioner - Mrs Lisa Roberts

What have our children being learning in Pre-School across the Summer Term?

Summer 1 Learning

Well we certainly haven’t stopped growing in pre-school this term. Following on from our new life adventure during the spring term, we started off looking at the growth of plants and living things. We observed our recently hatched chicks and duckling, making comparisons about size, shape, colour and who would be able to swim and why? This led us on to looking at all different media and making predictions about whether they would float or sink. We found out that it was George the duckling that could float and this was because he had webbed feet and that the chicks didn’t.







We went on to plant our own grass seed and beans, developing understanding of what plants needed to grow and how we could look after them. As the days and weeks went by, we watched as our grass and beans begin to grow.


We made predictions on who would have the tallest beanstalk and who would have the shortest. We also used our fine motor skills to give our grass a haircut using scissors, it was really tricky cutting a different media but we showed perseverance and never gave up trying. Aiming High! Our grass heads had some very funny hair styles and we enjoyed watching them grow again.

































Alongside our growing adventure, we helped Steve with the development of the outdoor activities area across the field, making our very own mosaic. We painted stones and then placed them in the cement to make a pattern; once it was dry we could walk over it and feel the bumps with our feet. We then went on to use the new bare foot walk, steps and balancing equipment as well as making our very own maypole where we had such fun learning how  to weave in and out.



































Then it was time for the royal wedding a very exciting time.  To celebrate we had our very own wedding and afternoon tea party. The children really enjoyed celebrating such a wonderful event and gained lots of understanding about the members of the royal family, especially Prince Harry and Meghan. 

















Our term ended with a sad goodbye to our class duckling George, who has gone to his new home with another duckling, a wonderful pond and safe enclosure.  It has been such a fantastic experience for all our children looking after George over the past few months and observing his growth, the care and concern the children have shown has been remarkable and so has George.


He even got a mention in our Ofsted report! I really don’t know who will miss him the most the children or the staff, fly high George and be happy.

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