Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Here at Silkmore Primary Academy we aim to provide first class learning and enriching opportunities for all our children. This is no different even within the current circumstances we find ourselves. Therefore, all our mini-missions aim to promote and cultivate a desire to learn and thrive within the safety of our own Y1 bubble.

We aim to equip our children with the life-long skills they need for a successful journey through their primary education.

Meet the Team







Class Ethos

In year 1, we aspire to our school motto of Aim High always seeking to achieve together. We use our aim high sessions to discuss ways we can achieve this goal and as a bubble consistently demonstrate the qualities and expectations. Our weekly star of the week is celebrated for Aiming high in one of the core values focused upon that week and presented with a certificate. Our classroom is a positive one, where we encourage each other, smile everyday and are friends with everyone!



Routines & Notices


PE in Year 1 is on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school on these days. If for any reason they cannot take part, please inform a member of staff on the door. Earrings should be taken out on the day of PE or by the child if they are able to do so before the session.


Homework will be sent home via email at the beginning of each new Mini Mission, this then allows for up to three works for completion. Please send any homework to the class email at Year 1 will also receive weekly spellings practice emailed home every Thursday in preparation for a quiz the following week.

Reading books will be coming home on Fridays and are expected to be returned the following Thursday, please ensure your child is accessing daily reading at home as it is fundamental to their education. A range of ebooks are available via your child’s class login on Oxford Owl – login details can be found on your email.


Autumn 1 

In Autumn 1, Year 1 have engaged in a whole school mini mission of Shrek. Within Shrek, we revisited some of our initial phonics sounds and building simple sentences with new vocabulary. We focused on creating some character portraits in art and helping the fairy tale creatures escape using our geographical knowledge and map skills. Our final piece of writing incorporated our new knowledge of adjectives to create some wonderful missing posters for Lord Farquaad to display around Duloc.










Our second mini mission further incorporates different fairy tales from a scientific perspective in ‘Once Upon a Scientist’. Jack and the Beanstalk provides an exciting context for our learning whilst we endeavour to find out how to grow plants properly looking at different types and their structures. Using our scientific skills, we will record data and look closely to answer some of our own scientific questions. Now that Jack has found wealth with his golden egg, we are also looking to become architects, designing a new house for him and his mum using our new knowledge of materials and their properties. Hopefully, you may see some designs come to life!


Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, Year 1 will increase their geographical knowledge by looking at continents and countries. They will also take part in D&T/ Art projects linked to their mini mission learning. Throughout this term, their writing will focus on consolidating prior skills whilst broadening their vocabulary and learning new skills.



Across the spring term, year 1 will indulge in history, computing, science and geography mini missions. They will begin to discover important figures from the past and make comparisons to modern day by conducting their own research! In science, they will be exploring different types of animals and learn that everybody is different!



In Summer term, year 1 will continue to enhance their knowledge in history, D&T and science. A key focus for the start of this term will be diversity and learning about key significant figures from different backgrounds. In D&T they will have the excitement of being able to design and create their own product through an iterative process. Our final mission will apply our knowledge of writing to a new skill of poetic writing.

Every Body's Different!



Across the school, we follow the white rose scheme of learning for the delivery of our maths sessions. This provides a clear sequence of learning and progression for the children. Utilizing this curriculum in exciting and engaging contexts enables the children to develop and apply their skills to different scenarios. We follow the CPA approach of concrete, pictorial and abstract to secure the core skills. Over the course of year 1, we cover place value to 100, addition and subtraction, geometry, measurement and multiplication. If you seek any further information, please visit the white rose website.

















If you have a question or concern about your child please do not hesitate to raise these with myself. Due to the current circumstances the easiest way to do this is by contacting me on my email and I will aim to respond to you within 48hours.

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