Year 1

Class Teacher – Miss R Trickett

Learning Support Assistant –Mrs Hackett

What have our children been learning in Year 1 across the Summer Term?

Summer 1 Learning

The children have proudly explored our Royal Family with their recent ‘Meet the Monarchy’ adventure. What a fabulous time to have engaged with this as we have had the added excitement of a Royal baby and a Royal Wedding!

Entwined within this adventure we engaged with the text ‘The Queen’s Hat’ which the children immersed them-self into by exploring key parts of London to find the missing hat! The children applied conjunctions, a range of punctuation and made their writing interesting with lots of effective adjectives. The children are also now able to identify a proper noun and ensure these start with capital letters in their writing.

As part of our enriching curriculum we visited Warwick Castle to further explore our Monarchy of the past, where we witnessed a bird of prey show; archery in action; learnt about the history of the castle and finished off trying to escape from the Horrible History Maze.











Within our maths learning this half term we linked our learning with the ‘Meet the Monarchy’ adventure and created a royal souvenir shop! We learnt about the value of money through actively purchasing items and using a range of coins to do so. We even acted as shop keepers to create receipts and calculate the change.


We then reviewed our operations learnings and challenged ourselves by finding the inverse operation. The children were exposed to a range of reasoning activities linked to the inverse to apply their learning in a range of challenging ways.






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