Welcome to Year 4!

The current situation that we find ourselves in does not stop us here at Silkmore providing our children with learning activities that enrich children’s lives. All our mini missions aim to promote a love of learning, creating that ‘buzz’ in our own Year 4 bubble. We aim to build independence in our children and build on their resilience to face any challenge in whatever form it may appear.


Meet the Y4 Team








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Class Ethos

As a school, we live and breathe our motto of Aim High, Achieve Together. In our Year 4 bubble, we have many discussions about how we as a class and as individuals can Aim High. We link our school values to every aspect of our lives within school and at home. We celebrate our class attendance and our weekly Aim High value by awarding children with certificates and crowning our star of the week each Monday morning.

Routines & Notices


Due to the COVID situation, Year 4 are currently unable to partake in swimming lessons. We will be looking to restart this as soon as we possibly can. Therefore, we will have 2 sessions of PE during the week on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday morning. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit, change of footwear and has removed earrings. 



Homework, which consists of spellings and times tables practise will be emailed each Thursday. Home learning based on our current mini mission will also be emailed at the beginning of each new mini mission.

Reading books are currently being sent home on a Friday and are only to be returned on a Thursday where they will then be isolated for 72 hours before being distributed again. Reading is central to a child’s education and is used in every learning session so please continue to encourage your child to read at any given opportunity to help with their progress. A range of eBooks are available via your child’s class login on Oxford Owl.

Autumn 1 

At the start of the year we welcomed the children into our Year 4 swamp in Far, Far Away Land where we found Shrek and Fiona! Throughout this mini mission, children practised their grammar skills and revisited prior learning. We reminded ourselves of the different word types and sentences we can use to make our writing much more engaging for the reader. Year 4 wrote some very detailed setting descriptions of Shrek’s swamp.

We also learnt a lot about the Christian faith and discovered some interesting facts about their beliefs.

We ended our half term with becoming Scientists where we learnt about animal food chains and pond life through our Science mini mission Brilliant Biologists.











As place value of number underpins a lot of mathematical learning, we spent the first few weeks of term understanding numbers up to 10,000. We recognised the value of each digit, ordered and compared numbers and then learnt about negative numbers. We put all of this learning into practise on our new online maths programme – Learning by Questions.

We have also revisited Times Tables Rockstars and are enjoying challenging Mrs Addison. Times Tables is a core aspect of maths and Year 4 are required to take a short test at the end of the year, so we need lots of practise on these!

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If you have a question or a concern about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. Due to the current circumstances, the way we are asking parents to communicate with staff is to contact them via their class email address therefore please contact me on year4@silkmoreacademy.co.uk and I will respond to you within 48hours during school working hours.

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Miss Heather Murcott KS2 Leader & SENCO.