Year 5

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Class Teacher: Miss L Dimmock

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs C Chase

PE is on Wednesday and Thursday

Welcome to Year 5!


I'm Miss Dimmock and I'm the Year 5 teacher this year. This is my fifth year at Silkmore and I am now also the Assistant Head here. I have a passion for teaching and making learning as exciting and interactive as possible.  


For our first mini mission, we began by cuddling up and getting

comfortable to listen to a story. But what were those noises?

Where were they coming from? Our first mini mission is based on

the book ‘Wolves in the wall’ which involves a very inquisitive girl

(Lucy) who hears noises and is sure that there are wolves in the

walls of her old house. Her parents don’t believe her and pass it

off as an overactive imagination but she is soon proved right

when the family end up in the garden whilst the wolves have the

most amazing party in their house! What will the family do? The

book is full of beautiful images; we have tried to use these to

create an image in an older reader’s head.



During this three-week mini-mission, we will be focusing on creating an atmospheric setting to create tension and suspense for the reader to do this we have thought carefully about our choice of language when describing settings. To accompany our writing, we are creating artwork similar to the style in the book by using collage techniques to bring to life our wolf sketches.

In maths, we are beginning with Place Value which underpins the rest of our maths learning in Year 5. We will be exploring the value of each digit up to one million; reading, writing and ordering numbers, rounding, negative numbers and much more. We will be learning through lots of practical, hands on learning with real life applications.


Year 5 will have P.E on a Wednesday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon. Music is also on a Thursday afternoon.


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