Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Here at Silkmore Primary Academy we aim to provide first class learning and enriching opportunities for all our children. This is no different even within the current circumstances we find ourselves. Therefore, all our mini-missions aim to promote and cultivate a desire to learn and thrive within the safety of our own Y6 bubble.

We aim to equip our children with the life-long skills they need for a successful future life, career and their next step into secondary school.


Meet the Team






        Miss Saville                       Mrs Mcenhill                        Mrs James  


Class Ethos

In Year 5 we make sure that we are in a safe environment where we are happy and healthy and moral to each other. We instil a love for learning and the children foster the idea that making mistakes isn’t a problem, it means that they are learning! We understand that making mistakes is how we learn the big lessons in life, and this is the same in school with maths and English.


Routines & Notices


PE is every Tuesday morning. Please ensure that PE kit in school for this day.
During Autumn 2 (between October half term and Christmas) Year 5 will be going swimming every Monday morning between break and lunch. Please ensure that swimming kit is in school on a Monday and are bought home to be washed.

Jewellery, in particular earrings, should not be worn on these days for health and safety reasons.


Children will be sent spellings each week to practice on a Friday which will be tested the following Friday.

Children will also receive a homework sheet for each new mini-mission. Children are encouraged to research as much as they can and complete as much as they can from these sheets. The dates for work being returned to school will be clearly stated on the homework sheet.


Reading is central to a child’s education and curriculum, so we expect all children to read daily. A range of ebooks are available via your child’s class login on Oxford Owl Please try to hear your child read outside of school as much as possible. In addition to this, children will be given a levelled school reading book which will be sent home on Friday to then be returned to school on a Thursday so that they can be changed.


Autumn 1 

In Autumn 1, Year 5 have engaged in the whole school mini mission of Shrek. In this mini mission, we revisited our previous learning from year 4 and applied all the figurative language techniques that we have learnt already. We focused mostly on similes, personification and introduced onomatopoeia in order to write a character description of the dragon and a setting description of the dragon’s keep. In geography, we focused on using grid references and coordinates to locate countries and landmarks and liked this into what Shrek might be able to find in Duloc. In art, we experimented with stop animation and used clay to make moveable figures to retell the opening scene of Shrek.

Our second mini mission was ‘Out of this World’ where the children needed to save the planets from Gru, who had a diabolical plan to steal them all. The children needed to write a number of explanation texts using adverbials and subordinating conjunctions to improve our writing cohesion as well as introducing relative clauses to add extra information.

















Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, Year 5 will build upon their geographical knowledge and learn about different climates, countries and biomes across the world and increase their knowledge of human and physical processes. They will also use their geography knowledge to complete some persuasive and journalistic style writing. Year 5 will then move onto a new mini mission where they will investigate how to build tension in their writing as well as interweaving their previous knowledge of figurative language skills.



During Spring term, Year 5 will complete learning covering history and computing and further apply and build on their science and geography skills. During these mini missions, the children will be learning about different animals, applying their knowledge from year 4 in order to build on this and create new learning links. They will also go on a interactive and exciting journey in geography to build on their learning from Autumn term.



In Summer term, Year 5 will complete learning covering history, D&T and science. A key focus for this term will be diversity and learning about significant figures from different backgrounds. In D&T, the children will be able to design, create and invent their own products to be evaluated by others. Our final mini mission will focus on their writing skills that they have learnt so far and enhance these by applying them to the new skill of poetic writing.

















At Silkmore, we follow the white rose scheme of learning for delivery of our maths sessions, moulding their scheme to the needs of the children and giving them a clear sequence of learning. We ensure that these starting points, gained from white rose, are applied to real life contexts, giving the children purpose behind every piece of work. In Year 5, the children will learn some new skills but will also be challenged to give reasoning for their answers and learn how to explain mathematical processes to others. This mastery-based approach to learning means that the children should always be applying their knowledge to new scenarios and situations.

In place value, the children have been learning the relevant skills that they need in order to work through the rest of the year 5 curriculum as place value underpins almost everything in their maths learning. We will be moving onto addition and subtraction next and then moving onto the other operations before investigating shape and space, measurement, statistics, fractions, decimals and percentages.

If you are in need of any additional information on our maths programme of study, please visit the white rose website.



If you have a question or concern about your child please do not hesitate to raise these with myself. Due to the current circumstances the easiest way to do this is by contacting me on my email and I will aim to respond to you within 48hours.

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